Erika O'Donnell MSc, Registered Psychologist

About Me

My name is Erika O’Donnell and I am a registered psychologist. I have completed two Master Degrees in Psychology; one in Clinical Psychology and one in Health Psychology. I am therefore specialised in the treatment of both clinical and behavioural psychological issues. I incorporate a variety of psychological approaches in my work (CBT, Person Centered, Psychodynamic, Narrative), tailor making interventions to suit your individual and unique needs and way of being. I work with individuals, couples, families and groups.

On a personal note, like most human beings, I know what it is to suffer emotional pain and despair, to feel like it would never end and to come out the other end feeling good in my life. Looking at yourself, your life, your patterns and doing what you can to get yourself to a better place is a journey worth taking. Of that I can assure you...

I look forward to getting to know you...

I am also a psychology lecturer, teaching both bachelor and master students. I am a registered member of the The Psychological Society of Ireland and a member of The British Psychological Society and the Nederlandse Instituut van Psychologen.